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Low Power Waveguide Termination Loads, WR19 to WR650

· Waveguide sizes from WR19-WR650, cover 1GHz to 50 GHz
· Iron carbonyl absorbing element
· Very low VSWR 1.03
· UG, CPR and custom flanges available
· Shorter lengths available

RF ONE offers a complete line of low power waveguide terminations covering the waveguide sizes WR19  to WR650, available in short (small sized) and low VSWR versions.

Low VSWR precision waveguide loads are designed to absorb power with high isolation and prevent RF signals reflecting back from open-ended waveguide ports, leaving little or no reflection. These matched terminations are useful for VSWR measurement of various waveguide components as precise reference loads.

Small sized waveguide loads are provided as a short and inexpensive terminations with VSWR 1.2 max.

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This list does not include all our low power waveguide terminations, contact us via for your specific needs.
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