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Waveguide Broadwall Directional Couplers

RF ONE provides various types of waveguide couplers for power monitoring and system control use, including broadwall directional couplers, dual arm directional couplers, crossguide couplers, loop couplers, power samplers etc.
Broadwall, crossguide and loop couplers are the most common ones, each type with unique benefits to suit different applications.

RF ONE supplies broadwall directional couplers in waveguide sizes from WR19 to WR430 with typical 30dB directivity, covering from 1.72 GHz to 59.6 GHz, more new models will be released.

Backed up with in-house CNC engraving and milling machines plus over 20 years experience in wavguide fields, we also offer custom designs in fast delivery and competitive price.
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Notes: The list does not include all of our waveguide broadwall directional couplers, contact us at for your specific needs.

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