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Low, Medium and High Power Waveguide Fixed Attenuators

· Low, medium and high power options
· Wide range of WG sizes from WR15 to WR650
· Custom flanges available
· Silicon carbide absorbing element for high power versions
· Low VSWR and high attenuation accuracy

RF ONE offers a range of waveguide fixed attenuators in WG sizes from WR15  through WR650, in low, medium and high power rates from 1 Watt up to 1000 Watts. These waveguide attenuators come with standard attenuations from 3 dB to 50 dB, in UG, CPR, UDR, UBR flanges etc, custom flanges are available upon request.

WR62, WR75, WR112 100W or 200W fixed attenuators are the popular models. We will keep releasing more Waveguide Fixed Attenuators.

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This list does not include all our Waveguide Fixed Attenuators, please contact us at for your specific needs.

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