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Tight Bend Flexible Interconnect Cables up to 50 GHz

· Low profile and truly flexible, tight bend radius 8mm
· Available in 047, 086, 141 inch cable sizes
· Ideal replacement for semi-rigid cables
· Allowing bend from connector end, eliminating the use of right angle connectors
· Alternative to Minibend, Minibend-L, Mini141 cables
· Triple shielded, durable structure

Tight bend flexible cable assemblies MB series from RF ONE are designed for congested internal interconnection use. These cable assemblies are unique in that they can be easily bent and still maintains stable electrical performance, making them ideal as cost-effective alternatives to the semi-rigid or semi-flexible cables. MB series are available in very tight bend radius as 8mm, with options of 047, 086, 141 cable sizes.
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1. *Insertion loss refers to the loss of 1 meter cable assembly.
2. L in the Part Number refers to the length of cable assembly.
3. The table above does not include all of our cable assemblies. Custom length and other connector types as right angle, female etc are available.
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