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Ultra-low Loss Phase and Amplitude Stable Flexible Cable

· Minimal phase and attenuation change versus flexure
· Robust for dynamic use with multiple inter-layers
· Very low VSWR and loss, typ VSWR 1.30 to 67GHz
· Broad options of frequency, cable size, connector and armor

PL series from RF ONE are phase and amplitude stable low loss cables with max operating frequency options of 18GHz, 26.5GHz, 30GHz, 40GHz, 50GHz, 67GHz and 110GHz. Using micro-porous PTFE dielectrics which provide consistent performance over temperature changes, these cables are ideally for high frequency signal transmission between systems or used in test instruments when low loss and stability are critical. PL series cable assemblies are available with a broad selection of connectors and ruggedized armors. Bulk cables available as well.

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*  Wrap the cable 360 degree around a mandrel whose diameter is ten times of the cable jacket size. Check our report on Phase Stability Test over Flexure.

Please check our Cable Cross Reference Table VS other major cable vendors.
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