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RF & Microwave Components

RF ONE offers a variety of microwave fixed attenuators with frequency ranges from DC to 67 GHz with power handling to 2,000 W. Our series of coaxial attenuators are available in 1.85mm, 2.4mm, 2.92mm, SMA, N type, TNC, BNC, 7/16 DIN, 4.3-10 and QMA connectors.
It includes low, medium and high power attenuators. 18GHz SMA attenuators to 100 watts, 27GHz SMA attenuators to 50 watts, 500 watt N type attenuators to 18GHz, 1000 watt 3GHz N type attenuators; 2.92mm 40GHz attenuators, 2.4mm 50GHz attenuators, 1.85mm 67GHz attenuators and etc.

  • 2W to 100W ≥27GHz

  • 2W to 25W ≤ 18GHz

  • 30W to 100W ≤ 18GHz

  • 150W to 2000W ≤ 18GHz

  • Conduction Cooled Attenuators