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Low PIM Attenuators(Cable,Coupler Type) 140dBc

RF ONE provides a range of low PIM attenuators with leading PIM performance guaranteed -160dBC, also with options of 140dBC,150dBC, 155dBC etc and power rates of 50 W, 100 W, 200 W to suit different applications and budgets.These attenuators cover from 380MHz to 6000 MHz.

Low PIM attenuators, with -155dBc or 160dBc level and power ratings 100W or 200W are ideal for IDAS / ODAS, In-Building, base station, wireless infrastructure, 4G, and AWS applications.

Here are one typical 140dBc low PIM attenuators we’ve built.

RAL0650NC-B: 698-6000MHz, 6dB, N type, 50W, 140dBc Attenuator

RF ONE has been committed to continuously designing and developing innovative solutions to achieve better PIM results and broader operating bands.

*If you could not find the desired products from our website, just contact us at and check for below basic specifications:
1) Avg and peak power ratings
2) Guaranteed PIM level
3) The PIM test conditions: If not otherwise specified, it is 2x20W tones, measured at frequency 900MHz/1800MHz. PIM measured over full frequency range is available upon request
4) Operating frequency band: Most cases are 698-2700MHz, or 400MHz to 6000MHz
5) Bidrectional or Uni-directional: Normally our low PIM attenutors(in the solution of low PIM cables) are unidirectional
6) Preferred connectors: Standard ports are N type, 4.3-10, Din 7/16
7) IP ratings
8) Dimension limitation
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