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Super-flexible Phase Stable Test Cables up to 26.5GHz

· Ultra-flexible with stranded inner conductor
· Low VSWR, typical 1.20 to 18 GHz
· Very good phase stability over flexure<±5º to 26.5GHz
· Robust with strain relief design and triple-shielded structure

Super flexible phase stable test cables from RF ONE are built from our UF series cables, which are extremely flexible and mechanical phase stable benefiting from the stranded center conductor and PUR jacket. These cable assemblies are specifically designed for test use where repeated flexure and phase stability are required.
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1. *Insertion loss refers to the loss of 1 meter cable assembly.
2. L in the Part Number refers to the length of cable assembly.
3. The table above does not include all of our cable assemblies. Custom length and other connector types as right angle, female etc are available.
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