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New 1.0mm and 1.35mm Precision Terminations

Published date:2022-07-21
RF ONE newly released the 1.0mm male and 1.35mm male terminations rated at 1 Watt, typical lead time is 1 week. Test plots are provided for each individual load.

Our 1.0mm male terminations operate to 110 GHz, max VSWR 1.60, typical VSWR 1.4.

The 1.35mm terminations were developed to close the gap between the 1.85mm and 1.0mm terminations, operating to 90 GHz with max VSWR 1.60. These 1.35mm parts are designed in similar rugged structure to 1.85mm connector, up to 3000 mating cycles.

The 1.0mm and 1.35mm terminations are ideal for E band or W band precise RF measurements, self-driving vehicle radar and 5G applications etc.

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1mm termination and 1.35mm termination