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2.2-5 Fixed Attenuators

Published date:2022-07-14
RF ONE newly released 2.2-5 fixed attenuator rated at 2 Watts,operating from DC to 8GHz, max VSWR 1.25 through the whole bandwidth, standard attenuations come from 1dB to 60dB.

These 2.2-5 fixed attenuators are a compact version of the previsouly released 4.3-10 attenuators, boasting 53% smaller size than 4.3-10 versions.

Thanks to its miniature design, our  2.2-5  attenuators are ideal for tight space conditions of small cells in mobile application. Now these 2.2-5 fixed attenuator are available off-the-shelf, 2.2-5 terminations will soon be released.

Learn more RF ONE's 2.2-5 fixed attenuators here.
2.2-5 attenuator