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Ruggedized Phase Stable Cable assembly for Handheld RF Analyzer

Published date:2022-08-16
RF ONE provides N type armored phase stable cable assembly which is particularly useful for portable handheld RF analyzers such as SiteMaster.

The features of these ruggedized low loss cables

· Phase variation with flexure +/-2 ° to 18 GHz
· Multi-layer armor enhances amplitude and phase stability by preventing stress from over bending
· Highly flexible, long flex life
· Rugged connector design, min 5,000 mating cycles
· Each cable is serialized and comes with RF test data

SMA, 3.5mm, TNC(TNCA), 2.92mm, 2.4mm, 1.85mm armored phase stable cable assemblies are also available, please check our website at Armored Bench Test Cables up to 110 GHz.

armored phase stable cable assembly